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The Timeless 1911 Flying Merkel V-Twin is now available. The Merkel was very popular and
desired bike in its day, and it as one of the first manufacturers to offer rear suspension.
This bike is amazing and correct in every way. The Original Orange Paint Scheme is striking,
and the beauty and craftsmanship of the engine will astound you. This Recreation is
Museum Quality and is worthy of any collection.

Call for Details. Pricing starts at $27,995.00K


The hand made full spring leather seats and it has an amazing cog leather
belt drive that adds to the look of the bike. A great deal of time and detail
go into the making of each bike to ensure authenticity.

You will be in awe of the craftsmanship of the brass, bronze, and
nickel plated mechanisms that make these masterpieces a sight to be seen.
Each bike is manufactured beyond museum quality standards.

The Flying Merkel V-twin is now a reality, as these bikes are
made available to the public on a limited basis!
The Merkel V-twin won't last forever, get yours now!

These bikes are truly Timeless!


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